Grass Fed and Finished Beef  

**Reserve Your 2021 Quarter, Half or Whole beef, Today!**  Scheduled Processing Dates, May-December!

Our grass fed beef has been raised on pasture that is a rich blend of grasses and legumes. Using regenerative rotational grazing we move the animals several times daily to provide them opportunity to harvest the best the pasture sward has to offer. Handling this way creates a stress free environment for the animal, they learn from good husbandry. We have chosen to use genetic lines of Black Angus cattle that are smaller framed and thicker bodied than conventional breeding. This genetic change and selection of animals that are tender and provide good fat qualities, give us an animal that truly finishes well on grass. Our desire is to provide you a cut of meat that will be tender and rich in flavor produced solely on grass; a labor of love. Enjoy our grass fed and grass finished beef with us.

Our Herd

The Angus based cow herd starts the spring with a May/ June calving season that follows natures lines. They are out on pasture in a clean environment away from wintering lots and manure piles. This is a great place for a calf to get a start, sunshine and fresh air abound. From this point on the cows and calves travel together until weaning, 7-9 months later. The herd is rotated through the paddocks that are as small as 0.1 acre to 40 acres depending on the landscape and water proximity. Most of the pastures on the farm are strip grazed.This technique is where we split a paddock up with temporary wire and posts.This provides optimum flexibility to our system. We manage the herd to match the growth of the forage.

Pastured Pork 

**Reserve your 2021 Half or Whole Hog, Today!**  First hogs of the season will be available in March—Limited Availability!  Fall hogs will be ready in October/November. 

We purchase our hogs as small pigs (30-60lbs) and then finish them in a way that we feel not only produces a great tasting product, but a way that we feel is best for the pig! They grow on pasture where they can root and forage and basically express their pigness! They are also provided fresh water, non-GMO feed and lots of garden leftovers from our garden and several neighbors as well! 

pastured pork

Grass Fed Lamb

**Reserve your 2021 Half or Whole Lamb, Today! Available in October/November.**

Our son, Conrad, wanted a project and an income source, but something different, hence the sheep! His sheep are primarily Katahdin/Dorper cross sheep. The original ewe’s are Katahdin/Painted Desert. All of these breeds are hair breeds which means we do not need to shear them, they shed like deer. The other benefit to having hair sheep is the quality of the meat, it is fabulous! As hair sheep there is no lanolin in the hair to contaminate the flavor of the meat, one of the complaints of wool sheep. 

Our sheep are raised on pasture and are truly “free range”! Prior to lambing we catch the ewe’s in a building with lambing pens, so the newborn lambs stay warm, dry and safe from predators, and to make sure mama accepts them. After they are well bonded they are turned back out to pasture with the beef cattle, whom they have claimed as their personal guardians. If anything looks intimidating, they run to the herd.

As we built this farm for beef cattle our perimeter fence is four strand electric, however, our interior fences are single strand and the sheep graze freely wherever they choose, picking the highest quality grasses while always staying close to the cattle. 

The lambs are raised and finished on grass and ready for harvest at about 7-9 months. If you are looking for a delicious addition to your protein repertoire, consider trying some lamb!


The laying Hens are pastured from early April to November. We provide them shelter, roost and nest boxes accessible from the outside,  in a re-imagined chopper box. This works great as it easily travels with them. We use a perimeter fence of poly-net to keep the ground predators out. This has worked well for us giving them ample space to run and forage. They love insects and grass (true omnivores) and are supplemented with non-GMO grains.

farm fresh eggs
pastured chicken

Pastured Poultry

Not available in 2021. Contact us for names of other farmers selling Chickens.

Contact us for an alternate source of broiler chickens in our network of respected farmers!  

The broiler chickens are delivered to the farm as day old chicks, spending the first few weeks in a brooder. When mostly feathered and of enough size to handle the outdoors (approx 3 weeks) we move them to pasture pens. These mobile pens are their homes until they are fully grown. These pens offer shelter from some of the elements and predators, while providing fresh air, sunlight, green grass and bugs. We move the chickens twice a day to new forage. They are supplemented with non-GMO grains. Grown this way provides plenty of exercise and clean space, which is great for the birds. If you have been searching for a meaty chicken, with great flavor look no further. How do you tell the difference in the way they are raised? It’s in the finished product. These birds lay down a nice layer of yellow fat, not pasty white.