Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. By capturing carbon in soil and above ground biomass, Regenerative Agriculture aims to reverse global climate change. By utilizing managed rotational grazing, keeping our soils covered, having a lot of diversity not only in our plant mixes, but in the species we have grazing, not overgrazing, intentionally utilizing practices that prevent water run off and participating in many educational courses to continue learning and improving our skills, we are by definition, regenerative.

In addition to the environmental and economic advantages, there are actually proven health benefits!  In red meat one of the biggest benefit is **CLA -Conjugated Linoleic Acid** https://draxe.com/conjugated-linoleic-acid/ **  CLA comes from the digestion of rich, healthy, green grass. It is what makes red meat so precious. CLA is key to the body fighting cancer, maintaining a healthy body weight and assists in building muscle. It is found primarily in grass fed and finished beef and other animals and it is also found in butter made from grass fed dairy animals. 

Large agriculture corporations have figured out that labeling is a great way to make extra money. The term “grass-fed” has gotten really diluted to the point that if cattle have been out on pasture for as little as two weeks of their life, they can be called grass fed-because at one point in their life, they ate grass. That is NOT what we are talking about. At Cloverleaf Grass Farm, when we use the term grass fed beef, we mean that the animal has been raised on grass, eaten grass its entire life and finished on grass. They have received NO supplemental grain.

Maybe! At Cloverleaf Grass Farm our pork and poultry are raised outside with supplemental grain. Both pork and poultry are designed naturally to be outdoors and are both omnivores, which means they eat both plant and animal materials. Neither of them are designed to be vegetarians. Hogs do not digest plant fiber well; however, it is a good supplement to their diet. They are meant to forage and root for their food and get a variety, which is what they do here at our farm on pasture.

Our chickens are raised in pasture pens (also known as chicken tractors) for their protection. We have many predators in our area who would like nothing better than to feast on a meal of delicious, but helpless chicken! We move the pens twice a day so they are continually getting fresh grass as well as a supply of any bugs unlucky enough to be in the same area. Chickens are ruthless predators for grasshoppers and other insects, even mice (we have pictures to prove that statement). So, based on all that information and the digestive system of these two animals, we supplement them both with free choice, non-GMO feed and all the fresh water they can drink.

We will gladly deliver in the Wadena area with arrangements made. Otherwise we currently deliver to Rogers, Maple Grove, E. St. Paul.. Other sites are possible with enough interest.

Also, we cannot ship/deliver out of state. You are welcome to arrange a visit to the farm to pickup your products and bring them back with you.

We price our ¼, ½ and whole animals by the hanging weight. What does that mean? This is the weight from the animal post harvest, but before processing to your desired cuts. The weight difference from live to hanging is from loss of blood, head, hide, hooves, viscera, and lungs. The hanging weight of beef is usually about 60% of the live weight. So, a 1000 lb animal would have a hanging weight of 600 lbs (estimated). The hanging weight of a hog is usually about 70% of the live weight.

Our Poultry and Pork are processed at a facility that is State inspected and they are inspected as “Equal to”. This State Inspection Program is considered to be “Equal to” that of Federal Inspection and is routinely reviewed to ensure the State is meeting the Federal meat inspection requirements. State inspected products may only be sold within Minnesota while Federally inspected products may be sold across State lines.

When ordering pork from us you may choose to get your bacon smoked or another form of sausage made. We have access to a processor that will use organic spices and cure the meats “nitrate free”. We can also take them to a processor that uses nitrates at the wishes of the customer. Our beef and poultry are not changed in any way so there are no added products to these. 

We developed our pastures to be able to graze our livestock and rest our pasture grasses after grazing them. This is done with energized fencing. We move the animals to new grass matching the seasonal flush and the stock density that we desire. This may be multiple times a day. We are trying to mimic the rhythm nature would have provided, growth, harvest, rest, repeat. This is good for the soil and water system, great for the grass, and better for the livestock.

According to our processor you will get 8 rib steaks, 6 T-bone steaks, 4 sirloins and 3 round steaks. You will also get 4 chuck roasts, 1 tip roast and 1 rump roast. The remainder will be in ground beef. If you have your beef cut in the traditional way, you will get about ½ steaks and roasts and ½ ground beef, by weight. Our processors are custom, which means you can get your beef cut to your personal specifications.

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